Info for Schools

Welcome to Just Love Photography for School & Kindy's

We have customised our Price List and processes for online purchasing to remove all the extra work that your admin team would normally have to do in house. 

We are Dunedin & Otago based.  However, if you are outside these regions we are happy to talk further about how we may be able to work together. 

If you would like to see an example of our online process, please feel free to contact us and we will send you a link.

How a typical school is produced online...

1. The School/Kindy provides the info we require.  We will be in touch 2 weeks prior to photo day, to let you know what we need.

2. We will provide you with the pre photo day information required to send out to Parents/Caregivers via email.

3. Photo Day! We will set up to start family & sibling photos at 8 am.  Followed by the Group Teacher Photo at 8.30 am.  

4. Photos go online within 14 days of photo day. 

5. Parents/Caregivers have 2 weeks to place their order.

6. The JLP team prints and packs orders to be shipped to the school.

7. Orders are delivered to the school.

8.  10% of all sales (if we receive over $1000) is donated to the School/Kindy.

Feel free to contact us if you require any further information. 

We look forward to working with you soon.